Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Adventure of Our 1st Tree

Ben and I traipsed out to get our Christmas Tree today. We had a lot of fun debating over which was the perfect tree to get. It didn't take long to make a decision.

We then wandered over to Target to get some Christmas necessities. Toting around Starbuck's - has anyone tried the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate? DELICIOUS! I don't even like chocolate and I am loving the salty-caramel concoction! Anyway...after a brief stop to get stamps for our Christmas cards, we began to trek home.

Until I noticed that our tree was SLIPPING off the roof of our car. We pulled over. Ben jumped out, did some adjustments, then we continued. About a quarter of a mile down the road, Ben became frantic.

"Uhhh....where are the stamps?" He asked as he checked his pockets, his seat. No stamps.

I looked at him.

"Maybe I left them on top of the car." He said, panicking. I pulled over. He checked the tree (again), found the Christmas treats (i.e. candy bars) he had left ON THE TOP OF THE TRUNK...but no stamps.

We discussed the probability of actually finding the stamps. It seemed so absurd.  But, we decided to give it a try anyway. We turned around. Ben continued to panic. I did what any loving and adoring wife would do: I burst out laughing. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I considered the fact that we were on the hunt to recover our stamps....FROM THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!

Upon our return to the scene of the crime - where the stamps disappeared originally - Ben began to comb the ditch, the side of the road, trying to find the stamps.

Incredibly, Ben found BOTH books of stamps...which is great for our Christmas Cards! :) How we ever recovered those books of stamps, so quickly, I will never know. But, I do know that we will be talking about this story for a very long time.

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