Thursday, November 4, 2010

My New Perspecive On Cold Weather.

This week, cold weather hit GA. Well, at least in my book it did. The temperatures have not gone above 65 degrees, which means this southern girl is FREEZING.  This year, it is different for me.

I'm still cold. Do not mistake that. But every time I get cold, I think about when we lived in the RV. And, though I'm cold, I have a different perspective.

I'm not freezing.

The air inside my home does not match the (cold) air outside. I am not crawling into bed with freezing sheets unable to get warm. I am not stressed out that my water will diminish WHILE I'm in the shower.  I am not worried about my shampoo freezing. I have not even created a worried brow when I think about the heat STOPPING. (In fact, I think we may still have the A/C on!) I throw the covers off in the middle of the night more than I tuck them around me. I walk around with bare feet instead of covered with socks and house shoes.

I don't miss living in the RV. But, I am so thankful for the perspective it provided.

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