Monday, November 8, 2010

A Reunion

We slipped into the 24 hour diner. Just the three of us...we hadn't seen each other in 5 there was a lot of catching up to do. A lot of growing up had been done, a lot of maturity. But there were still a lot of giggles and laughs and pouring out our hearts.

Aren't those the best types of reunions?

Our friendship was forced; forced because my Mom's illness and Lisa's mom's willingness to take care of 8 children who were in shock, hurting and confused. I've heard that my Mom prepped Lisa's Mom by telling her our personalities and how we each deal with pain. That may be why it worked so well. But whatever the reason, it worked. And, we became friends. Literally through the horrors of cancer and its chemo-induced side effects, Lisa became a cherished friend. I'm sure it was an odd match - the three of us. But there was no better merger to be made.

5 years later. We've grown up. Somewhere along the lines of losing touch, setting aside our teenage whims, embracing our dreams or putting those dreams on hold, we emerged as three friends: two married, one mom and one dating. We had grown up. The initial awkwardness of "How do I interact with my high school friend when we are no longer teenagers" faded. Quickly.

Somewhere between the quickly ticking clock and the coffee that grew cold, I realized: Lisa is such a strong women. She's always been a strong woman. This was never something we had to question or contemplate. But, as we talked...I was reminded of just how strong she is. And, how I am so happy to be her friend. I've mentioned Lisa before. But, when you see someone's exhaustion, love, sacrifice and more, it takes on a whole new level of respect.

I'm thankful for the sacrifice of our troops...but I'm really thankful for the sacrifice of their families...especially their wives.

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  1. So, I am JUST NOW reading this! I haven't been on here in forever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Thank you so very much, it means a lot to be so highly complimented! I love you and Lydia so much and I am ever so thankful for our friendship! You guys are the best!


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