Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Attention! Decorating Overload RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. 

Oh. My. Word. My creative juices are flowing....(now only if my available money flowed as quickly)

Start off and feast on this - Habitually Chic

Then, mosey on over to - The House of Wood (Jen also is an indie music artist!)

After you have listened to Jen's music and enjoyed her various blog posts, skip over to - Coco + Kelley 
Need a new magazine to enjoy and don't have the funds? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy Lonny.

Now. Go enjoy a cupcake because your brain is on creative overload...all thanks to me!

(ps - in case you are curious, I will begin to address all the questions from this morning's blog beginning tomorrow. there is a TON to discuss!)

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