Thursday, August 26, 2010

Part 2: Answering your questions.

(continuing the follow up from when I said you could ask me..ANYTHING!)

Heather asked about my MOST embarrassing moment.

Is it lame to say I don't have just one? That's because I get embarrassed ALL THE TIME! Ugh. It is horrible. So, lately, I've been wallowing in the embarrassment of:
1. Answering the phone at work...IN A WHISPER. Who does that?
2. Saying the wrong thing. Pronouncing the wrong word. Oh.My.Word. It happens more than I'd like to admit.

Heather also asked: "What would be your favorite vacation spot?

I love vacations. Really, I do. So, hands down, I adore any moment I can be in Washington D.C. There is no spot that melts my heart like that beautiful place. I L-O-V-E it. Really, I do.
My dream vacation spots include:
Europe (Especially, Italy, Greece, England, France and Spain, but not intentionally leaving any place out, either)
California ( screams beauty. And, I want to be there. Plus, it will help their economy, too, right?)
Prince Edward Island, Canada (gimme some of that Anne of Green Gables heritage, PLEASE and THANK YOU)
A beach.  (Any where. Leave off the oil, please.)
India. (It won my heart a long time ago)

I'm saving Lydia's mentionables for last. Which means, I'll get to that tomorrow!

But I do want to discuss, Mario's comment. (aka, Dad!) My previous marriages.

Let me preface this by saying, I never realized how my past would catch up with me until I married Ben. All before the age of 13, I was a very busy woman. I ran through these marriages so quickly, there have been a lot of jokes made regarding Ben. So, let me introduce you to the "men" (cough, cough) who won my heart.

At age 6, it was a tall, thin, and bent man. He loomed over me. I had to help him stand. He didn't do much for me. He was a stick. A mere limb from a tree. And, I thought I loved him. But, we didn't last long. He broke it off. Really, he did.
From the age 6 through 8, I was devoted to a burly-beast of a man. Who only wore the same purple shirt. All.THE.Time. But, I didn't mind. Purple was my favorite color. He had a huge kiss mark on his face. I always pretended it was from me. And, his name was Joe. Joe the Monkey. He was an oversized stuffed animal that I could barely tote around, but adored. Our break up was traumatic. It was classic Romeo and Juliet. Torn apart by our parents, he left silently. That was the only time I remember my mother lying to me. The day she told me the movers - who I thought were my FRIENDS - took Joe away. I've been suspicious of moving companies ever since.
At age 12, it was a final attempt for a secure marriage. I married Red. He had a long-golden mane of hair. He was older, wiser and very kind. He liked to hunt. But, had this thing for crawling around on all fours. They say, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." I'm here to say, that I left him to stay in Tennessee. He promised that if I went away, he'd never breathe a word of our rushed marriage. He kept his word. But I kept going back - he lived at my friend's house. Mostly, because it was her family's golden retriever dog. I married a dog and I've never been allowed to forget it.
Age 25 - I wised up. I married a human. He is great. Far better than my "Ex's", that is for sure. Our marriage hold far more potential, far more foundation to last. ;)

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  1. I loved these past few blogs!!! :) They make me happy and I hope you had a fabulously fantastic birthday! Lets plan a coffee date soon! We have tons to catch up on!


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