Monday, August 2, 2010

The Bachelorette

Some girls watch the Bachelorette to watch a love they imagine. A love they want. A love they are missing.

I watch it because I love the drama. Really, I do. I LOVE laughing at these men who become ridiculous wimpy men - who cry, who get all mushy. I love watching the tears. The heartache. I love analyzing who is going to say what, who is going to do what. I know, I know. Its sad. I can't help I love the DRAMA!

But, you know, I'm the lucky one. Really. I am. Because I have a man who curls up on the couch and rubs my feet. Watches my shows with me.

I'm married to the man who pulls me into his arms and holds me as I fall asleep. I'm in love with a man that doesn't need to prove his love to me on an island. But, instead shows me love every day - in the small ways, in the big ways.

All, that said. I'm lucky. I know.

But Ali made the wrong choice. But, then again, I ALWAYS think they make the wrong choice.


  1. I KNOW! She TOTALLY mad the wrong choice! Chris was so much better for her in the end! I shifted my views after the last few episodes. They never make the sensible decision. They make the one based on "chemistry"(like Jake and Vienna. bleh) or "fireworks." And the parents never ask any real questions about these guys when they meet them and Ali never said anything deep about why she liked Chris or Roberto either! It was all "Oh he's such a great guy." And honestly she didn't give up everything to be on that show. She gave up a normal life so she could have some fame and fortune. A whole new wardrobe, a trip around the world, a 4karot ring etc... etc...
    I got Cameron to watch it with me last night finally. I think that is the first and last time I'll get him to do that.
    Now we get to look forward to the Bachelor Pad which looks like Big Brother on steroids and 1000 times the drama!

  2. LOL. This post made me laugh.

    I had the bachelorette playing in the background at work today and my boss came in and asked me what I was listening to. I told him it was the bachelorette. He said "Oh, so you're a romantic?" I said "No, I love the drama." He just stared at me and then walked out of my office.

    And I completely agree that she made the wrong choice. Roberto was cute but Chris was real and honest. He gave up his job to go support his familiy - that is the kind of guy you want to spend your life with. The kind of guy who knows what's important.



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