Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reflecting Seasons

"Wow. Can you believe we've been married for 7 months?" Ben paused. "I mean, its like we are real-married people!"

I laughed at his comment that seemed so silly, but realized quickly how much truth it held, as well. Sometimes, being married to Ben is similar to a dream. I don't simply enjoy marriage, I enjoy being married to Ben. Sometimes, it doesn't seem real. I mean, we have SO much fun. Together, especially. I mean who else could I giggle and flirt my way through small group with? Or who else would race me up the stairs of our apartment - just to see who wins? And who else would suggest getting ice cream at 9:45pm - 15 minutes before the ice cream shop closes?

They say its best to go through each of the four seasons before you marry someone. But they also say when you know, you KNOW. Which is how it was for us. And, which is why we couldn't wait for fall to freeze into winter, then winter bloom into spring, then spring glisten into summer. The time was right away, the time was now.

Experiencing each season with Ben has been incredible.

We've overcome the coldness of winter. Literally. We've laughed and cried our way through freezing temperatures that froze our Taco the light of a movie that illuminated the warmth of our breath.

We've clung together during the spring which challenged us financially.

We've enjoyed the summer of adjustments. A summer of fun; such as playing in the neighborhood pool and having more fun than all the kids there. Yes, they all stared in confusion at the two "adults" who laughed and played.

Now, fall will be here soon. And, for me, its bittersweet (I adore summer), but I'm excited. This fall, Ben and I will make s'more, watch football, carve pumpkins...together. The fall holds a new season for us to experience and love and grow deeper together. And, hopefully, that feeling of just realizing we are "real married people" won't truly hit us...yet. We are having too much fun living life!

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