Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keepin' Our Love...Fresh.


He is my favorite subject on the blog. (WHAT? You DIDN'T catch that?!?!)

Our marriage is young (HUGE high-fives for 7 months of marriage!!)...but we are have learned that marriage is hard work. We have to work hard to keep our connection alive, our love new and our friendship fresh. Sounds, easy...RIGHT?

Ben does a lot of things to show me how much he loves me. And, daily, I find myself overwhelmed how lucky I am to be married to SUCH a great man. Really. I'm SOO lucky.

That said, here are some fun inspirational ideas of how to keep your marriage/relationships fresh.

Capture Moments...IN a Photobooth.

Start A Love Letter Journal! 

We don't have marriage all figured out, but we try really hard to have a lot of fun, to keep our friendship strong and our love smokin'! Use these suggestions as a way to keep love alive. 

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