Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Jam and Jelly Aisle

Several days ago, Ben and I went grocery shopping. I l-o-v-e grocery shopping with Ben. We have a system. We contemplate the same things: What cereal should we buy? Which coffee flavor? I teach Ben how pick out the best watermelon. And, he teaches me how to buy the most meat for the best price. We hold each other accountable - "Noooooo, we do NOT need ice cream. Even if it IS buy one get one free."

But the other day, Ben went to get butter. When he came back he found me standing in front of the jam and jelly aisle. He said nothing. I guess he could see this was a serious moment in my life.
I take finding the perfect jam very seriously. It goes back to my childhood. My mom would only EVER buy grape jam. No matter how I presented an impressive presentation of WHY raspberry, blackberry, APRICOT was better than grape, we STILL left the grocery store with grape.
I know, I know, I lived QUITE the troubled childhood.
So, NOW. NOW that I'm grown. I take my time in the jam and jelly aisle. I contemplate all the flavors. I consider what would taste the best on toast, in a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich (my favorite!). Then, I slowly make my choice.
My most recent choice - Blueberry. Wow. Its awesome.


  1. Buying jams & jellies takes more time now because there are so many more choices....flavors, low sugar, no sugar, organic, cheap vs. pricey. Personally, I LOVE blackberry jam :)

  2. My favorite is boysenberry jam. I had it about 8 years ago when I visited my best friend in Tacoma, Washington. She and I made tons of boysenberry and peanut butter sandwiches as we drove across the country back to Kentucky. I loved it but could not find it anywhere on the east coast (I was so pathetic about it that my friend often sent me jars as presents). About three months ago a new grocery store opened up near us and they finally carried my beloved jam. Every time I eat some I always think of that wonderful, fun trip and how special it was. It's funny how much food can be so important.

  3. Sadly, I, too, grew up in a grape jam-only home. *sniff* Which is why, when the budget allows it, I have been known to have three different kinds of jam on hand to choose from! =) (And BTW, cereal shopping is only fun when you don't have children with you. I'm just sayin'.)


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