Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm (practically) a Runner

Do you remember that time when Ben said he wanted to run a marathon? Oh you don't? Incredible, because I haven't forgotten...So, its been about a month since my husband declared that not only did he want to run a marathon, he wanted ME to run with him.

At that point in my life, I had several thoughts.

1. I'm not an athlete (I prayed through my misery of 3 years of softball, one summer of gymnastics and cringed numerous, numerous times whenever someone would say, "Hey! Let's play [I'll-let-you-fill-in-the-blanks]!")
2. I have a secret desire to work in a library. (See thought #1 for more information)

Well, I still want to work in a library and I'm still not completely convinced I am an athlete. But, in a short month's time, I am now running - consistently -  1and 1/8 miles every day. It has not come easily, let me tell you. I've had stomach cramps, I've been gasping for breathI've thrown up, I've upgraded to new tennis shoes and I currently have leg cramps. But I feel good. Really good.

In fact, I like running. Did I just say that? I'm excited for the day I can run 3 miles every day. Which, once I get these leg cramps out of my way, I am pretty sure will occur.

I have overcome something I thought was impossible. And, Ben just glistens. Sure, with sweat, but a lot of pride, too. He is just thrilled we have become the "running couple".

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