Monday, May 24, 2010

My Rules for Decorating

Recently, a friend of mine said, "Your home is like an art gallery." I almost melted into a pile of goo right there. Oh! How happy that comment made me!!!

I've established several "rules" for my decorating style. I should forewarn you that my tastes are unlike any other, but they helped establish a home that I'm proud of.

 1. Lots of pictures of family. I've always hated those Tour of Homes in magazines that are SOOO perfect, but completely devoid of anything that catches a glimpse of those the homeowners loves the most. Ben is always amazed by my constant "need" for more picture frames!
2. All artwork must be local. With a few exceptions, see here, here and here. I've managed to actually accomplish this. Its been super fun! I have art pieces from family and friends, as well as art that I've done.
3. Primary colors. All the magazines and blogs I read say keep one color the dominate option in a room. Buuutttt that is SOOO hard when I LOVE all the colors....EQUALLY! So, in the end, I just adopted all the colors. Literally. My home looks like the rainbow threw up...but I haven't regretted my decision one bit.
4. Read. Read. Read. Read. Have I mentioned I'm a reader? Well, I am. So, I read. A lot. All this reading has helped me tremendously. I don't think I'm a naturally-born decorator...although, I REALLY want to be. So, I read. A lot. My favorite reads are: Real Simple Magazine, Promise Tangeman, Domino book, Apartment Therapy.

Here is the newest addition to my Art collection! Painted by....ME!!! (I apologize for the quality of the was taken from my phone!)


  1. I'm going to paint you something. I'm thinking peacock colors but let me know what you like best. And it will be.

  2. This is a masterpiece!!! It belongs in halls of the greatest paintings ever!!!


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