Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Brother [hearts] Chocolate Milk

I was about six years old and I thought I was the world's greatest chef.

Playing behind my playhouse, I concocted all sorts of amazing dishes using only the finest ingredients of mud, grass and rocks. When you are six years old, you make do with what you have.

No one would try my dishes. Except my brother. He was two years old, innocent, completely trusting and the perfect victim taste-tester of my menu.

"Hey Caleb," I said. "Wanna try my chocolate milk?"

He didn't even hesitate. He gulped that entire cup of chocolatey mud-mixture down so fast, he left only the rocks at the bottom of the cup.

I remember staring in disbelief. Not only did he NOT NOTICE IT WAS MUD, he really thought it was chocolate milk. I may have been six, but I understood the value of a secret. I never told him...until later.

Well, that mud-drinkin' brother of mine has all grown up. Its incredible. And, today, he is getting married. I can't believe it. Thankfully, I don't think he will be serving any chocolate-on-the-rocks.

Congratulations, Caleb and Hannah!

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  1. I used to torment my sister. I'd put worms down her shirt(mind you it was tucked in) and she was afraid of needles. So when my grandma thought it a good idea to give me things to sew, guess who I poked in the forehead? .. yup you guessed it! My poor sister. We also made things like cookies out of flour water and salt for my mom. She usually couldn't take a bite because it was "too pretty/special." There are so many fun family stories! I'm just glad they all turned out "normal" in-spite of us. lol


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