Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our First Date

Dear Ben,

I could write and tell the world of our first date. That Monday before I graduated. The one that last 6-8 hours. The one where I was early because I was nervous. And you were nervous because you liked me. I could also recall that gazebo-sittin' conversation, when I told you I never made it past the second date. And you told me you liked me. The one that included Mexican food, conversation about our families, music and many other important first date conversations. The one that ended with a hug you gave, and how I panicked and cringed when you did. Remember that? Our first date?

But, today, lets remember this: how you brought me flowers yesterday. How I scared you half-to-death because I cut my finger while cooking dinner. How you proclaimed you never knew I could cook so well after we loved every bite of these wonderful things.

A year after our first date and 4 and 1/2 months of marriage, I love you. More. More than I ever thought possible.

Love you,


PS - if you love reading about married couples who work hard at their marriage, look no further than Today's Letters.

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  1. Dear honey,

    I remember that day like it was yesterday. My heart smiles whenever I think of that first time I tried to hug you and you cringed. I noticed, but I knew one day you would love it. You just didn't know what you were missing. And now you do. I love you!!!


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