Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5 Things I Can't Live Without

It's been a long time since I have done a 5 Things I Can't Live Without...so, enjoy!

1. At our wedding, Ben and I played Outkast's "When I look In Your Eyes". (Ben is still glowing over the fact that Outkast was played at the wedding.) There is one line of the song that was a foretelling of Ben's (future-and-now-married) life: "I'm even gonna rub your feet when they stank" (source) That said, I absolutely cannot live without this:  Aveda Foot Relief. I know I have a flair for the dramatic, but when that lotion hits my feet and Ben rubs them...especially after we've run and I'm convinced my feet will fall off....life is renewed. Hope is restored. It is that good. Seriously.

2. This may make me sound like a stalker, but after 3 years, I feel like Jasmine Star and I are friends. For real. Let's not mention the fact that Jasmine has NO IDEA who I am...but let's definitely mention the fact that I LOVE her photography, her grace, her love for her husband, her dog, her family, her yoga pants and more. If you know me, then you know I'm all like "Jasmine and I are on a first-name basis" - even if it is all one-sided. If you love photography, CHECK.HER.OUT. NOW.

3. When Domino magazine - may it rest in peace - faded from the magazine aisle, I was heartbroken. There was nothing like it until now. Southern Flourish Magazine is 100% digital, 100% southern and 100% hip and chick. I'm in love. I love that this magazine has the edgy hipster look of all-things-that-I-love AND its all like, "Hey Ya'll" southern. READ IT!

4. You. The reader of my blog. You may just skirt over, laugh and leave. Or you may follow. Or you may stay awhile and read every single blog post and never admit it to anyone. It's okay. I do it, too. I literally squeal with delight when someone tells me they read my blog. Or laughed at my blog. Or leave a comment. I squeal. Out loud. Regardless of where I am. Every.Single.Time. I squeal. Some people will have thought I'd won a million dollars. And, I haven't. I just got a comment. And it made me feel like I just got a present. Don't be shy, please. I crave your attention. (Is that weird?) Tell me who you are. Please.

5. I know it is suppose to be 5 Things I Can't Live Without...but what if I can only come up with 4?!?!?!


  1. Number 5 has to be wrastling on TV!

  2. Have you ever thought about vlogging? A video blog? If you can ever figure out how to do it, you should!

    I am here, just a mish-mash of ideas!

  3. squeal away, my adorable friend. squeal away!
    hugs! steph

    btw, i LOVE reading your blog!!!

  4. Funny, I have the same reaction when you (and A & L) post a new blog!


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