Friday, April 2, 2010

Books: My Past and Present

When I was a kid. I loved books. Okay, I still do, but that is besides the point. I eagerly awaited for the next Mandie Book to come out. I felt just like a jungle explorer when I found book 14 in the Trixie Belden series buried between Box Car Children and Hardy Boys at the library.

I was quite the adventurous kid, I tell ya.

I would try to copy my speech and writing to mimic Jo from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. And, don't even get my started on Martha Finley's Elsie Dinsmore books. It was a lot of work, trying to be like authors from another time.

I was so adventurous - I spent time in musty bookstores and antique stores looking for my next great read. All before I was 14 years old.

Then, there was Anne. Anne of Green Gables. The girl of my dreams. My heart. The character who just got me. The character who understood that the world really may end without a kindred spirit and that that would directly plunge me into the depths of despair. The girl who took note of names of homes...much like how my address must have that certain ring to it, or I'm not settled. I wanted red hair. Because of Anne. L.M. Montgomery, you ruined me.

I was livin' the life. And, I still prefer a book to a TV...(except Tuesday's Biggest Loser...and other shows I will never confess to watching)

In all the books, Jo found her Professor - this hairy, burly man who was such a nerd, Jo's heart was lost. Mandie falls for someone (I can't remember his name!!) and Trixie for that tanned, logically-minded boy named Jim. Elsie falls for her father's best friend. (Gimme a break - the book was written during the 1800s, when that was SOOO not creepy. But it is. Creepy.)

And, Anne? Gilbert chased her. Through it all. Every single thing. College. Teacher. Author. There was Gilbert. He loved her, that Anne-girl. And, Anne? She was too stubborn to realize she loved him, that Gilbert Blythe boy, until he almost died. Tragic, I know, right?

That said...I need a next good read. I've moved on in the world. I now frequent Barnes and Nobles. (Where, I'm convinced music announces my arrival.) And, lately, I'm reading books writtten within the last 5 years. I've been mesmerized lately by:
The Glass Castle
Sarah's Key
The Five People You Meet in Heaven

They've been great books; ones I've enjoyed a lot. But, I want to know: what books do you recommend?


  1. I LOVE Lori Wick books! I have most of her books... My favorite would have to be "Pretense". I also feel very comfortable lending these books to anyone... She has a way of winding in the salvation message without making people feel like you are pushing something on them. All in all they are great books and so fun to read!

  2. You can probably tell since I'm writing this now that I am playing some catch up on reading your blog! I recomend: Wuthering Heights,The Road(by Cormac McArthy), Jane Eyre, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Sense & Sensibility,The secret Garden, My Antonia(Willa Cather), & Blonde(by Carol Joyce Oates) Those have been some favorites lately while I had time on my hands! You can borrow them if you like! :) - Heather


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