Thursday, April 8, 2010

My sister

Polar opposites. That is what we were. What we are. Joined by the soul-mark of being born into the same family so close in age.

I'm dark-skinned, brown eyes, brown hair.

She's freckled-sprinkled, blue eyes, blondish-brown hair.

As a kid, I was content with my books and my dolls.

As a kid, she wanted to build bridges. She wanted to an artichect.
She only played with dolls, because I did.

I named my dolls, Bradley, Patty, Benjamin, Brianna, Watermelon.

She named hers Sarajane. All of them. Every single doll.

I liked vanilla. She liked chocolate. I was a vegan. She spent her days feasting on Cheese-puffs and chocolate.

We spent our high school years as a tagged-team. I spent my afternoons in the kitchen watching her bake...We spent our afternoons in the library. She'd look at my Better Homes & Gardens, I'd look at her Architectural Digest.

She is the ultimate Kindred Spirit of my soul. When I brought Ben home, I told him, "If SHE doesn't like you, that's it."Thankfully, she did.

Biggest cheerleaders. Biggest accountability. Strongest supportors. Our passion-infused souls have conflicted with each other on numerous occasions. But even with those conflicts, love flowed like a steady stream.

She is my sister. And, I love her.

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  1. And THIS is why I prayed and prayed for a sister as a child. I always knew, even with all that friends may have told me about how *horrible* having a sister was, that a sister was something that my heart longed desperately for. I am so glad that you two had/have each other. I am also so blessed to become part of this family, even if it is only as a Sister-in-Law.

    Sorry I get kind of emotional about sister things. It's been... a huge thing in my life. Bigger than I even think I understand yet.

    Thank you all for supporting Caleb and I.


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