Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Bloopers

I spent the entire weekend laughing hysterically. There were so many times, I was all like, "Yep, that is going on the blog."

In light of that, prepare to laugh.

1. Ben and I went to see the movie "Date Night".

We arrive to the ticket counter. Ben: "We are here for a 'Date Night'."
The girl looks at Ben like he has two heads. I start snorting laughter.

2. Eating at the Mexican Restuarant.

We visited two restuarants in one night.

My prerequisite: I wanted a quiet evening. So, we walked into a smoky-mariachi band dining area. My head started pounded. I begged to leave. We did.
At the second and much quieter Mexican restuarant, I decided to order something that I had never had before. I ordered a mexican cheese rolled in a skirt steak served with avocado, beans and rice. And cactus. I told Ben, "I really like this casket." He started laughing. I looked him. "I meant cask-- er, cactus. I like cak-tus."

Cactus = hard word to say.

3. Church Small Group

We just joined a small group of married couples who are our age. We were so excited we did what ANYONE would do: We facebook/googled stalked them.
We are glad to have new friends.

4. As I was trying to fall asleep....

Ben comes RUSHING into the bedroom. "You will NEVER BELIEVE what our neighbors across the hall are talking about RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR DOOR?!?!?"
"What?" I mumbled into my pillow.
"Not pooping for an entire weekend!" He paused. "Do girls REALLY talk about stuff like that?"
Our poor neighbors.

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