Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why I Don't Watch Wrestling

This scenario just occurred in our household:

Ben: You know Hulk Hogan?

Me: No. Who is that?

Ben: You don't know Hulk Hogan? How can you not know Hulk Hogan the wrestler?!

Me: I don't know him. (I don't watch wrestling)

Ben: You don't know Hulk Hogan? He had a reality TV show with his family. His wife ran away with their son's friend.

Me: I don't know him. Maybe the show was in the '90s. (Weird that his wife ran away off with their son's friend.)

Ben: HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW Hulk Hogan? That show was three years ago.

Me: I consider myself very well educated...particularly in the entertainment department. But I don't know him. (I read People in the Grocery store line)

Ben: Are you Amish?

So, here I am...up late to look at this scary creature (Just to prove I'm not Amish):


  1. LOL..... Love this post and the dialogue. It is a true glimpse into your household conversations. Hehe. I don't know him either! I only recognize his picture :)

  2. Honey, you ain't missin' NOTHIN'!! When we were dating and then during the first five or six years of our marriage I suffered and laughed my way through LOTS of wrestling (or wrastlin', depending on my mood).


    If Ed was at work, sleeping, sick, eating, parenting, paying bills, doing yard work, (well you get the picture)~~I had to actually RECORD wrestling so that he could later watch it (preferably, for him, when I was not around to make fun of it).

    Not knowing who Hulk Hogan is doesn't make you Amish, it makes you refined! Or soemthing! =)


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