Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Baskets and Lunchables

Ben has brought several new things into my life. He has incorporated me into his sports world...suddenly, I'm tossing around football terms and who will winn the NCAA championship. Like I know it all.

Recently, Ben has introduced me to two new things.

1. Easter Baskets.

I've never had an Easter Basket. Ever. It wasn't important for my family; it wasn't the focus of Easter for us. I never felt left out. Or lacking anything. Ben, on the other hand, received one every single year.

So, I decided to surprise him with an Easter Basket. To the rest of the world, this is no big deal. But to me this was HUGE.
a) I've never received an Easter Basket. Ever. Ever. So I have no idea how to make one. At all.
b) Ben always pulls out the BEST surprises for me. ALL THE TIME. Literally. Remember this one?

In order to address part A, I did what ANYONE would do. I researched. Here was the primary focus of my research:

Part B...was a little more difficult. Because Ben reads my blog, I won't reveal WHERE I hid the basket and its goodies, but I will confess that I did wake up at 4:45am to put the basket together. Thanks especially to the little boy at the chalkboard.

2. Lunchables.

I didn't grow up with Lunchables. My mom made her own bread by grinding her own wheat flour. For lunch, there was pasta with veggies or veggie pizza or p.b.&j. No Lunchables. It wasn't a problem; I didn't really like pre-packaged things. I still don't.

Yet, this past week, Ben and I got into a fuss. Feelings were hurt on many levels. One night this week, in the middle of our fuss, we went for a run. Together. (Isn't that what all couples do during fusses?!?)
Then Ben surpprised me with a picnic lunch on a bench in the middle of downtown....Over a dinner of Lunchables and Propel Water, we resolved our fuss. The Lunchable was decadent...and I would eat it again.

Then, we went to go have Ice Cream. 'Cause we are best friends. And, thats what you do when you resolve your differences.

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