Thursday, April 15, 2010

The First Day

Today has been such a good day. Let me tell you about it:

9am: Regis & Kelly  - LOVE THEM. (But, who knew Regis was turning 79 this year?!?!)

11am: The View and Lunch - Such an interesting and dynamic group of women.

Noon - Nap time.

2-4:30pm - spent the afternoon at Barnes & Nobles and tried a Passion Tea Lemonade - yummy.

5:30-6:15pm - Ben tries to convince me to run.

6:30-7:20pm - Ben was successful. We ran a mile.

8pm - Dinner.

8:30pm - Coco before Chanel.

Its been a good day. This is me, reporting live from Day One of Unemployment.

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