Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Creeper: Some Blog Lovin'

I love to creep. Is that weird that I just announced that? Well, I do. And, I definitely mean that in the best possible stay-out-of-jail way.I love blogs. I love facebook. I am constantly exploring new blogs (Hey - it's cheaper than shopping!). I love Facebook because I continually creep on all of my 500 + friends. It makes my heart happy. Truly.

Recently, I learned, that I am not the ONLY person who loves to creep...YOU do TOO! This made me so happy...only to weird me out to know that you are creeping on me.

I feel the love. A lot. Ha!

So, here are some fun Stats to show of just how creepy my readers REALLY are:
1. Number 1 referred site - FACEBOOK. This is FANTASTIC news. It means my friends are reading my blog! 
2. Countries - I am proud to announce my blog is viewed internationally! Let's celebrate my readers from Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, and the Philippines...and I will NOT leave out my faithful U.S. of A. readers. 
3. Last month I had 899 views of my blog. That is incredible. But, RRRRRrrrreeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyy, guys, you couldn't make it 900? REALLY? (haha...just kidding...sorta)

4. I've got a ton of lurkers. About every OTHER blog post or so, I get 1 comment. Friends, neighbors, visitors, readers...PLEASE comment. Talk to me. I'm begging you. From the bottom of my heart.


  1. This is the tenth time today that I have stalked your blog!


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