Friday, January 21, 2011

Gym: Version 2011

So, the New Year brought a renewed commitment for Ben and I and the Gym.


Why can't I just read and blog and craft and the pounds just shed? WHY?

Anyway, it has been a challenge for me. But, I am committed to it. For real.

Through all my anxiety of going to the gym, I love this sign:

Sign reads: Due to the damages caused on our equipment, proper workout attire is now required. This excludes denim shorts and pants, as well as khakis or anything with button and clasps. This will ensure longevity of our equipment. Thank you.
I love this sign. A lot. Mainly because there is this lady. She is about 60-65 years old. She is one of those work-out grandma types. You KNOW those types. I only ever see her ride the bike. Which is NOT a criticism - I ride the bike. But, she and I differ in our techniques of bike riding. I ride with shoes on. (You know, because it makes sense). She does not. She rides barefoot. Which is why I love this sign...I always wonder if she has ever read this sign?

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