Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just a Typical Day

We joke about it, Ben and I. That if anything crazy/weird/abnormal will occur, it will happen to us. No doubt.

So this morning when I walked out the door to go to work and saw a chihuahua on the roof of an awning on the second floor of our apartment, I panicked. And, then went screaming back into our apartment demanding that Ben get up. Because, HELLO! There was a dog on the roof!

All I kept thinking about - "Please don't let this dog commit suicide!"

I tried to bribe the dog off the roof with a treat. It did not work. It took Ben sweeping the dog - with a broom - towards me to save his life. It was an ordeal.

So, of course - the dog got an immediate bath (more trauma for his early morning adventure). And, then he settled in. Sorta.

We posted fliers. We posted an ad of  Right away. And the response - nothing.  Yet.

As much as Milo would probably love a brother.

We are a one-dog family. SO, Do you want a dog? Let us know!!!

Help find this little dog a home! He was rescued off an apartment awning and he is ready to go to a great home. He is very sweet and appears to be crate-trained. He does appear to have been (previously) abused, but he is a great dog. Please help him find a great home!

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