Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Milo Vs. Wishbone

Growing up, I ADORED Wishbone the dog. (Please tell me someone else watched Wishbone?!?!?!)

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A couple of days ago, someone mentioned how much Milo looks like Wishbone. I think I melted. This was too much for my little heart. I love Wishbone. So, of course, this made me love Milo more. Officially.

Milo's Everyday wear: His Jacket.
Milo's Ice Cream Sundae Costume. Thanks to our friends Brittany & Marshall!
His Elf Costume. WHICH HE HATED.
I think the likeness to Milo and Wishbone is SO strong. I mean, LOOK AT THEIR WARDROBES! SO similar! But, I just might be biased.

On a different note, but still talking about is the hat I made Milo this weekend. I LOVE IT. But, he doesn't really enjoy wearing it. He always scoots it off his head and wears it like a scarf.
The Hat I made Milo.

And, this is how he REALLY wears it.


  1. I watched Wishbone too! Loved that show!

  2. Wishbone was by far my favorite show as a kid. I guess that's to be expected from a girl who found her love for classic literature early in life. Totally seeing the Wishbone connection with Milo!


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