Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I am Watching

Every couple of months (Fall, Spring, Summer), I update you all on a very important matter - my TV devotions. I will admit I have mixed emotions about this installment, because I'm not sure how I feel about some of these shows. But nevertheless, I am a devoted fan.

Top Chef - OMG. I seriously cannot get enough of this show. I am in LOVE. I watch the current season, I watch reruns, I own the cookbook. I love it.

Bachelor - Argh. I told myself (and Ben) that I would NOT be watching this season of the Bachelor. But, then Brad got slapped - on the 1st show. I was hooked. I can't help it. I love reality TV violence. *wink*

Pretty Little Liars - For as much as I have a love/hate relationship with this show, I will still faithfully watch each and every week. WHY? I have no idea. Maybe it is obligation or obsession. I'm not sure which.

Glee - I admit, I will still a suedo-fan. I won't fully commit but yet I watch it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!

Did you notice that The Biggest Loser is not listed? Oh yeah, about that...we aren't watching it. Ben has officially decided he cannot stand Allison. And, I am so ANNOYED that they have yet to reveal those two new trainers. I still feel obligation to it (my friend, Beth, sent me a Christmas Card with a mention of our mutual Biggest Loser devotion....eek!) because of Beth, I do still sneak-a-peek to the show.

What are you watching?


  1. So I definitely am with you. Not a fan of the bachelor this season. The past four seasons have just been so fun. But this season is weird.The guy is a wuss and the girls are crazy. HE already kicked off the only girl I liked.

    I have been watching Grey's Anatomy. I know sometimes it can get a little scandalous though. I am hooked on it. Me and Jonathan have also watched Prison Break. The series ended last year but we are watching it on Netflix and love it! It's really good.

    I haven't heard of Pretty Little Liars. I will have to check into that.

  2. I love this list, because it matches my own exactly! Except, my list is alot longer, I have tons of time with my job and get bored alot, so I catch up on tv shows on the daily. But yes, Bachelor is high on my watching list, along with pretty little liars. Glee, I watch, but I'm not as huge a fan of this season, they just aren't as good as last year. And top chef, I haven't followed before, but just recently started watching. Very entertaining. :)


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