Monday, January 3, 2011

First Sewing Project

As a kid, my Mom tried and tried to get me to sew. I refused. My thought process was always - "Why sew when you do? You can make everything I need!" Fast forward a couple of years, I was getting more and more in to craft projects and realized that I needed a sewing machine. Thankgoodness for my mother-in-law, Cindy. For Christmas, Cindy give me a sewing machine. And, I am SO excited to show off my first sewing project.

Our Living Room and Ben.
My pillow.
It's my first project, but I'm enjoying the process of learning how to operate a sewing machine and learning the art of patterns. While discovering that my Mom actually taught me SOMETHING, so I'm ahead of the curve. Overall, I've got some projects in mind - a table runner and some other things too (those, will remained nameless, since I have NO idea what those next projects will be!).

I'm open to suggestions, of course.


  1. WOAH GIRL! WAY TO GO! That looks like its something made by a pro!

  2. I vote for you to make an apron!!! :)


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