Monday, January 10, 2011

To Remember: Snow Day

I don't want to forget this day.

The 2011 snow day. The day we romped in the snow. Early before the neighborhood kids had even gotten up to play. They slept in. But we were too eager. We had to play right away.

Or the coffee we made...that seemed to taste extra good because it was Narnia-like outside.

And, I don't want to forget how we did things we enjoyed separately, but together. We were content to just be. Ben and I. Together. Ben played "Call of Duty" and I sewed - all in the living room. I also don't want to forget how we would take turns pausing to display interest in the other. His game. My project.

I don't want to forget this day because it is days like this that make wonderful memories. Wonderful memories of living together.

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