Friday, March 26, 2010

Who is Beating Who?

About a week ago, I got a call from my dad. At 7:45am. My Dad is one of those great Dads who is always there, checks up on you, and is the most laid-back and consistent person I know. He also has a GREAT sense of humor.

Back to my story.

"Hello?" Only my Dad can call me THAT early.

"Hey Bethany! I have this great idea." I did too...where is that cup of coffee?


"Why don't you set up a basketball bracket? It would be a hoot."

(translation: you don't know SQUAT about basketball or basketball brackets, for that matter! This will be the PERFECT opportunity for both your sports-lovin' dad and husband to LAUGH at your expense)

"What? Why would I do that?"

"Because it would be GREAT!" (read translation again)

"Okay...Where do I do this?" I couldn't believe I was considering this.

"Ask Ben. He'll tell you."

(translation: this the PERFECT way for your husband to know and be prepared to laugh AT you.)

The phone call ended. I went to work. I kept thinking about the basketball bracket. I know nothing about basketball: fouls - say what? Are those referrees or umpires? I can't tell. They always wear black and white. How do I know which team color to cheer for? Turnovers? I thought that was a food? How many points? 2? 3? 1? Is it innings? quarters or halves? I hate math. I hate basketball.

It's ridiculous that I even considered this. But I did. And, with Ben's step-by-step help, I filled out my very own bracket. My method was simple. Since I didn't have time to go through to look at each team's school colors, I went by their school name. Oh...Villanova? Sounds European. Check! You get to move on up in the bracket. Lehigh? Sounds mysterious! Yes! You will beat out Kansas State. Vanderbilt? Sounds sooo academia. Okay, you will make it to the Final Four (

Then, much to my Dad's and husband's bracket started beating theirs. Look who is laughing now, boys! And, much to my surprise, my bracket was really strong...Seems my method wasn't such a bad idea after-all.

Now, my Dad and Ben are chatting with me about basketball. Like I know it all. "Hey, did you see that play? Man, oh man! That was awesome! Second overtime? You'!?!?" I try not to give-away my "I don't have a clue what you are talking about" reaction. But, really, we all know what they are really leading up to is - "So...what is your most recent bracket point?"

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  1. What great way to bond with your husband and father! By the way, will you bake turnovers if we come to see you?


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