Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mall Creepers and Bedroom Vines

This past week, I decided to take a break from talking about food on the blog. I realized I talk about it a lot. Constantly. I never would have considered myself a lover of food. But, I guess when you build "frequent-food-blogs", reality sets in. I felt like I did pretty good. However. It was difficult finding other things to talk about.

Tonight, Ben and I made our way to the local mall bookstore. I wanted a book, and so did he. Perhaps, I should preface this by saying, the local mall is the creepiest place in the world. IN THE WORLD.

While walking through the mall, I observed many things. Here is my collection:

- If you work at a "Brow Line" kiosk, make sure you do your own eyebrows before coming to work. Imagine the hairest eyebrow female trying to get you to let her do YOUR eyebrows.

- Gangsta boys in skinny jeans. Did I miss the memo on this one? If you are sportin' the gangster Pants On The Ground look, at least wear those HUGE jeans. Gangsters in skinny jeans. Enough said.

Back to the bookstore, I bought the book Julie & Julia. It was between that and a memior of Paula Deen. I guess I'm hoping that by reading about inspired cooks, I will be inspired myself. We'll see.

I have other things I'd like to blog about; like, how I feel empty without the Bachelor drama in my life every Monday and other important things as well. But, all that will have to wait. I have convinced Ben that hanging vines from our bedroom ceiling is a brillant idea. I'm not sure if he agrees to the "brillant" part, but he just pulled a kitchen chair to the room, so I'm going to go "help".

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  1. I feel empty with out the Bachelor TOO!! It's really sad when that is what I looked forward to for the past few weeks! And he picked Sakanko-Cross-eyed-Bimbo VIENNA because he and Tenley didn't have "physical chemistry".... Last time I checked that meant Sexual chemistry and he's a whore for having sex w/ ALL of them!
    p.s. this is Heather NOT Cameron. lol


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