Monday, March 1, 2010

You had me at "Hello".

Do you ever read a blog that oozes with raw honesty? So much so that it makes you cringe just a little because you can't imagine being that honest?

Well, Internet, prepare yourself. If you haven't read one before now, you are about to.

Today, marks a new chapter in my life. In our life - mine and Ben's. Today, we officially moved out of the RV. Not into the cabin, but into an Apartment. Suffice it to say: it is a good thing.

I, for one, am exceedingly relieved. Living in the RV has been difficult for me. Yes, humbling, too. In fact, I've hated living in the RV. I started this blog as a way to cherish this chapter - the uniqueness, the ability to laugh at this one-of-a-kind, this-only-happens-to-you (that would be me), movie moment. I started this blog as a way to laugh at the beauty of this season; so that when the time came to look back, I'd remember funny, laughable moments NOW.

It worked. I laughed. Ben laughed. And, hopefully, Internet, you laughed too.

Today, marks the end of my RV livin'. But the good news: it does NOT mark the end of my bloggin'. So, good-bye - turning on the water pump, RV toilet paper, frozen shampoo, and so many other things. Hello, chapter 2 of the newlywed life: spacious walls, a REAL tub, regular Charmin EXTRA SOFT toilet paper, and a HUGE water heater.

I know its the little things; but oh, dear luxurious Apartment, I love you already.

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  1. Does this mean that you are going to change the name of your blog?!


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