Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My husband

I debated long and hard what to blog about tonight. I could blog about The Bachelor Finale. But, I won't. And, I could blog about the return of the Biggest Loser. But I'm not. I could also update you on the progress of Apartment-unpack-organize-and-establish-our-home. That is for another day, though! (Ha! How'd you like that teaser?!?!?!)

Tonight, I want to discuss two things. Both relating to Ben.

My husband has successfully put together - A bed. A desk. A dresser. A nightstand table. 3 lamps. All within 24 hours. I'm exceedingly proud and impressed and thankful I didn't have to do it. I'm spoiled to be married to man who is afraid I will injure myself if I lift or put together anything. I like being spoiled.

Tonight, I discovered that prior to us actually dating, Ben use to pretend I was his girlfriend. Some may think this is weird. But I don't. I kinda think it is endearing that I was once his pretend, invisible girlfriend. That is almost like the multiple invisible or pretend husbands I use to have as a child. The plurality of the word "husband" is not a mistake or typo. It is accurate. Anyways, back on subject. I was so astounded by this discovery, I asked Ben to repeat the story in full-techni-color-detail about 5739 times. He willingly obliged. At the end of each rerun, I came to the same conclusion: He was either very confident that I would eventually become his real and visible girlfriend or very deprived of female attention. The conclusion is still out.

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  1. It's definitely weird.

    On another note, I'm glad the "setting up" of y'alls home is coming along beautifully. :)


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