Thursday, March 25, 2010

Late Night Cravings

10:30 at night and I was starving. You know, practically malnourished. Practically fainting from the fact my stomach was about to eat the inside out of itself.

"Ignore it." Ben started.

"I caaannnn'tttt" I whined.

"What do you want? We could be spontaneous and go get something. What do you want?"

I laid stomach-down on the bed. "It doesn't matter! I just need something!"

"Taco Bell? McDonald's?" Ben is so gracious. He was trying to help.

"Nah...cinnamon rolls. I want cinnamon rolls.And, we have some that only need to be made."
Ben said nothing. Apparently, cinnamon rolls are harder to get than Taco Bell.

"You don't want to go get something?"


Ben left the room. I hard banging and loud noises. "Ben? Are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm good!!"

He returned.
"Hypothetically, would you promise to love someone forever if you knew cinnamon rolls were coming?"
I tried not to grin. "Hypothetically, if someone made cinnamon rolls, I probably already promised to love them forever."

He smiled a satisfied grin. "Hypothetically, can you put the other Cinnamon rolls back in the fridge?"

"Hypothetically, no." He ran back into the kitchen.
Minutes later, huge, slightly-doughy, covered in creamcheese frosting, oozing with love cinnamon rolls came out of the oven. They were wonderful. Just seeing Ben's happy-dance ear-to-ear smile was worth it all.

That, and the fact that I was no long in pain from starving.

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  1. bethany! hi :) nice to 'meet' ya! thanks for stopping by my lil' ol' blog. YOU are too cute. LOVE the way you write. & looks like you're pretty happy & in love yourself :) ahhh, newlyweds. nothin' like it. xo.


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