Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Morning

The beginning of a stressful day is marked by a series of unforunate events.

Part One of Unforunate Events Series:

Attempting to make a home-made blended frozen coffee drink before. Feeling very much like the product of Martha Stewart, Pioneer Woman and Betty Crocker. BRAND NEW Blender drained the entire mixture all over the counter. Why? I have no idea.

My hope for my morning coffee plummeted. I am an emotional drinker = can't make the coffee drink, means no coffee for me.

Part Two of Unforunate Events Series:

Pouring rain. Rainboots? Gotta'em on my feet. Raincoat? Still in closet. (HOW IN THE WORLD?!?!)

I hate rain.

Part Three of Unforunate Events Series:

Late for work. Ben said we could blame it on the Blender. I agree.

Part Four of Unforunate Event Series:

It was a rough morning. Then, I laughed. At Ben. Because he is funny. Hilarious, really. Because Ben has an incredible ability to brighten my coffee-and-raincoat-less-day.

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