Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Mornings

I really love Saturday mornings. Its a morning with no obligations - I don't have to get up early and there is no rush. It makes "lazy" seem productive.

Ben could sleep in 'til noon. I can't. 7am and I'm wide-awake. To say that is annoying would be an understatement.

Usually around 9, I can nudge Ben awake. That's after two hours of me laying in bed, reading, or perusing the Internet.

Then, we mosey into the kitchen...Saturday mornings we make breakfast. A real, big breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, muffins, coffee, orange juice or whatever we like. But, its never cereal or something that we can just whip up... We feast liesurely, then watch VH1's top 20 Music Videos.

I love Saturday mornings. Between the blueberry pancakes, the most popular pop-culture music, and watching Ben keep a running commentary (whether by song or dance) during the top 20...I feel full and satisfied and laughter.

How else are you suppose to feel on a Saturday morning?

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