Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'Ode to the Soup

Tonight, I made soup. Asian Meatball Soup, to be exact. It was yummy and filling and healthy and straight out of the Biggest Loser Cookbook (yes, we own it and yes, we use it....all because of Jillian. It's her fault. Completely). Because of this experience, I made two discoveries:

1. I like to cook and I am a good cook (Dad, I know you already knew this...).

This leads me to a story: Once upon a time, a teenage girl was learning how to cook. She timidly moved through a vegetarian cookbook. The journey was going well until Eggplant Parmesan entered. It was a disaster! A COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER. I was DEVASTATED. Oh, wait, this is a third-person story. Anyway, all the brothers and sisters complained. And gagged. And eggplant entered the perpetual (and rare) family-food-hate-list. The girl cried. And, from then on told everyone that she couldn't cook. The end.

2. A way to a man's heart is really through his stomach. Don't believe me? Cook Asian Meatball Soup. Trust me. Ben was smacking his lips and praising my goodness as a wife. God bless'em.

My life has been transformed. I'm planning menus and delving bravely into this world of cooking and food. My days of making people gag are over! My days of convincing the world and myself of my inability to cook are GONE! From this point on, I will proclaim: I COOK!

All because of Asian Meatball Soup, my life has been transformed.

If you will excuse me, I'm off to read a cookbook for the night.

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