Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nerf Guns: Round 1

Its my Dad's fault.

For Christmas, Dad got Ben and I nerf guns. To shoot at each other. For fun.

After Christmas, we moved into the RV, so the nerf guns couldn't be used. Lack of room to run and hide.

Then we moved into the Apartment and everything changed. Plenty of room to run and hide.

Tonight, I grabbed one of the guns out of the closet and quietly stalked Ben. He grabbed his and "WAR" was declared.

Like two shrieking kids, we chased and hid and tried to shoot each other with our nerf guns.

In the middle of our fun, Ben's gun malfunctioned. I promise I had nothing to do with that.

Then, because all is fair in love and war, I shot Ben, while he tried to fix his gun. He fell to the ground. I had shot him in the eye. Directly in the eyeball.

 I threw myself on top of him like one of those dramatic romantic comedy scenes where the girl accidently injuries the guy. It was mistake, a misfire, and Ben will probably have a blackeye.

Thanks, Dad.

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